To read patient's comments on the benefits of the B4bra:

 1. "For surgeons who prefer to use sample implants to help patients determine size,
the B4Bra allows women to decide their size in an unrushed and private setting, rather
than being forced to make a "snap decision" in the office setting."

Ron Friedman MD
Board Certified Plastic Surge     on
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery
Plano, TX

 2. "We offered the [bra kits to several patients.  The concept is exactly what we do in
the office... the [B4]bra is good, because it brings the patient into the decision process...
I think the best situation might be the patient who hasn't had the consult yet.  It  could
help them decide how much they want the aug, and what range of  sizes they'd be
interested in...."

 Mario Loomis MD
 Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
 Loomis Plastic Surgery
 Middletown, NY

 3. “Because achieving patient satisfaction in one of my highest priorities, I have found
that the addition of the B4Bra has been one of the best tools available to achieve help
me and my patients achieve an understanding of the final results of  breast

 Lawrence Rosenberg MD
 Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
 The Plastic surgery Center of Maryland, PA
 Lutherville/Baltimore, Maryland

 4. "The patients really seemed to enjoy them [the B4Bra] and took them home to try
out....I get patients all the time who want to take the mentor sample implants home for
the weekend to show a spouse or friend- I think it is a good idea...."

 Sam M Sukkar, MD
 Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
 The Clinic For Plastic Surgery
 Houston, TX

 5. "
The sizing kit has definitely improved patient satisfaction following breast
enlargement surgery.  Patients can visualize the anticipated results of surgery
preoperatively and provide their input.  This frequently prompts me to change the initial
choice of implant which has averted and minimized the number of secondary
surgeries.  Using the sizing kit has allowed me to choose an implant which more
accurately reflects the patients desired goals. If the patients choice is not one I would
typically choose based on anatomic factors, I can advise the patient of a bettter choice
or at least explain my reasons.  This has saved a tremendous amount of time during
office hours, because patients can take their time at home making their decision.  The
kits also avoid the need or silicone sizers which are bulky, difficult to keep clean, easy
to lose, and expensive to replace.

At the time of the consultation, we tell patients that we will realize size is one of their
most important decisions that bring them to us. We focus on the medical aspects of the
procedure. We tell them that we will provide them with “homework" which will give
them a precise method of determining their ultimate breast size. This saves us
considerable time by allaying their fears, addressing their concerns, and minimizing
staff efforts with burdensome sizers and prostheses. Our patients are reassured when
we provide them with the sizing kit"

 Otto J. Placik MD
 Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
 Associated Plastic Surgeons, SC
 Chicago, IL
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