To read more about what surgeons have to say about the B4bra:  
1. The B4Bra was exceptionally helpful in my decision making for the sizing of my
implants. It was very helpful and accurate for the end result and weight difference. It
gave me more of a realization of cleavage results in a low cut shirt and a good sense of
proportion in a t-shirt and turtle neck. I really felt that the B4Bra made my decision
making on my implants a lot easier.

Kristi K.


2. After I made the decision to definitely have breast augmentation, size became the
critical issue.  Too big?  Too small?  The size had to be just right because I knew I was
knew this was a one time thing.  Trying bras on at home with padding, and trying inserts
at the doctor’s office for a few minutes just didn’t give me the feel or comfort level I
needed to make this important decision.

What did help TREMENDOUSLY, was the B4BRA.  Dr. Placik’s office gave me the bra with
temporary implants filled to the cc’s I thought I wanted.  I was able to incorporate the
temps into my everyday life and see how the size worked with different clothing…both
styles and color. Wearing black or white makes a huge difference.  At one point they
were too large and I felt as if I were going to a costume party, and at the other extreme,
they were too small.  We made a few adjustments and ended up somewhere in between
( a little closer to the larger size).  I asked my boyfriend for his opinion along with a close
female friend (I was very private about the fact that I was having this procedure).

Being able to go home with this Bra made all the difference in the world. I was totally
comfortable with my size decision and knew what to expect.  The actual surgery went
well and I am thrilled with my size and the look of my new figure.  If I had not been able to
use the Bra, I would have gone smaller and would not have as happy as I am today.

Marilyn G.


3. The B4bra was very helpful for me. It really helped me understand what size implant
would work for me. It was really easy to use and really easy to tell how certain sizes
would look on my body. I would recommend using the B4bra for anyone considering
getting implants.

Aimee M.


4. I was confused by the online photos but the implant sizers helped me figure out my
size. I liked the photos but everyone is shaped so differently. It helped me decide what it
would look like on me.

Janet N.


5. I think the B4Bra is a wonderful way to find the perfect size you really want. It’s nice
because you can take your time. Its nice feeling secure about the size I want.

 Melanie A.


 6. After having my breast augmentation and looking at the results with pleasure, I
understood that using the B4Bra kits to choose a size for my body became a great help
and promoter of the success of my surgery.
My doctor provided me with the kit weeks before the procedure and I had the chance to
take it home and try on different sizes with different types of clothing and outfits. After
trying three different sizes I found one that made me comfortable and happy. I informed
my doctor about the size I chose and wondered if the procedure was going to provide
me with the same effect I saw with the B4bra. It turned out to be great, just like I wanted
it. I am a very satisfied patient and I am glad I had help to decide thanks to B4Bra kits.

 Martha M.


 7. When Dr. Placik gave me the B4Bra to help me find the size implant I wanted, I was
very impressed with how well it worked. The b4bra gave me a really good idea of how
my chest would look after augmentation. I loved the fact that I had a variety of sizes to
try out until I found the size perfect for me. Before the B4Bra, the way to size the implant
was by using a nylon and filling it with rice. After trying both methods, I wouldn’t
recommend anything but the B4Bra. It really shows you how much space each implant
will take up and how much you will fill out. I’m so relieved I went to Dr. Placik when I did,
or else, I wouldn’t have had the chance to try the B4Bra. I had a great experience with
Dr. Placik. I am so happy with my results and couldn’t have asked for anything more.

 Ashley D.


 8. I think it’s the best invention of this type of product. It greatly helped me make a
choice a lot easier. Without this product, this would not have been as much fun.

 Theresa R.


 9. The B4Bra took a lot of the guess work out of cc count and relieved much of the
stress that accompanies the unknown, since I had the opportunity to try out different
options in the comfort of my own home as well as test the fit of my clothes.

 Emily R.

 10. Thank you for your expertise, time and diligence in helping us through the process
before our augmentations, primarily with the B4Bra. The B4Bra was extremely helpful in
many ways and we wanted to share with you why it was so beneficial.

Prior to our augmentations, you gave us two B4Bra Kits. Since we thought long and hard
about our augmentations, we took your advice, and statically se aside a full morning to
use the kit. We filled each size of the B4 inserts with warm water and pushed the plugs
into the inserts with the syringe. We found that the warm water and the plugs pushed in
(on the insert) provided less water leakage while we were squirting the water in with
the syringe. After all the inserts were filled, we used the B4Bra to see which size looked
best on our bodies. We have to admit, we had some great laughs when we sent to the
extra large sizes.

We found the B4Bra Kit very helpful in facilitating the process on our journey to
augmentations. We would like to share some tit’s (tips) on what we did. First of all, we
wore the size inserts we choose daily, while wearing a larger under wire bra. This under
wire bra helped with support. Secondly, for comfort, we put a small dry fit sock around
the insert. This accommodated us with comfort to the breast and provided less
slipping/sweating of the insert. Finally, we noticed the appearance of the insert looked
more natural with the sock around it.

In our final consultation, Dr. Otto and Shari brought us to the conclusion that Tammy
needed larger implants and Jill needed smaller implants. Now that we have gone
through the augmentations and the healing process, we are very pleased with the
results and thankful that we followed your advice.

Using the B4Bra brought us less anxiety because we were able to become more in
touch with the feel of what augmentation would be like, thus giving us peace of mind.
Thank you for making this process easy for two busy moms that run two fast paced

 Jill D. & Tammy L.

 11. I’m 6 weeks after surgery and I used the B4Bra to pick a size.

The B4bra size is very close to the size I am now 6 weeks after surgery.

I would say that the B4bra can give you an approximate size as to what you would be
after your surgery.

 Heather S.

 12. I found attempting to decide what size implant to choose was extremely difficult.
There are no two people alike. Looking through photos on the internet was very helpful.
However, when you are looking at women at your same height and weight, they are
close, but not the same. How do you decide what “cc” you want? Although they are the
same weight and height their breast size, to begin with, is different. I found the most
reassuring item was the take home implants (B4bra). It allowed me to take my time and
try different clothes and share with my husband. I would have been shooting in the dark,
and hoping I liked the result, without really knowing the outcome.

 Debra Z
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